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Our History

The footscray club started as a local cycling club inaugurated in 1894 by Mr T.K. Irving and Dr C.L. McCarthy as the Footscray Cycling club. The club held and supported cycling and sporting events in Footscray and Melbourne. Initially the club was housed for its first 10 years in Nicholson Street.

Eventually the social nature of the club overtook the sports functions and the Footscray Club became a purely social club. In 1909 the club began the construction of its permanent facilities in its present location on Paisley street a two storey building complete with offices storage and a bar.

Up until the present day the club remains like many social clubs a non political and democratic organizaton serving the local Footscray and wider community.

Footscray Club Historical Artifacts

Below are a few historical bits and pieces gleened from various on line and internet resources. They provide an interesting insight to the Club's past.

Early Articles

Here is the earliest article found to date from 1899 taken from the Argus newspaper on the running of the club under its first president Dr. C.L McCarthy. (Argus Newspaper 10 Feb 1899).

Sporting interests

Our club's sporting interests have never waivered as this advertisement from 1915 shows (Argus Newspaper May 7, 1915)

A Sad Note

The announcement of the passing of Dr. C.L. McCarthy in 1916.


Club Controversy

A very interesting controversy reported in 1920. According to this article, the club was originally owned by the original president Dr. CL McCarthy and was sold to the club after his death. However because of the consumption of alcohol in the club (which was apparently not licenced) a faction of the club claimed ownership of the club (with the blessings of Dr McCarthy's executors) and claimed the sale was void. A new club was formed by the faction and the club members were excluded from both the new club and club house. This was the basis of the law suit by the original members of the club. Despite agreeing with the motives of the executors and new club members, the judge found in favor of the original members on the basis of law. (Argus Newspaper 21 Dec 1920).



Club tokens

These aluminium tokens were recently up for auction in Melbourne. What were they used for? Club tokens (for drinks, etc.) were popular early in the last century. But how many drinks could 4 shillings buy??

Does any one know the origin of these tokins? Are they from our club or the Football club?

Footscray Club History

Read more about our History in "The Footscray Club" and "When women were members".

If you have any old books, brochures, advertisements or clippings about the club let us know! We would love to put them up on the site for all members to enjoy.


Footscray History

You can learn a lot more about the history of Footscray at the Footscray Historical Society

They are located on the web at http://home.vicnet.net.au/~foothist/welcome.htm

and in Footscray at    "Ercildoune" Society Headquarters 66 Napier Street, Footscray, Vic 3011

You can also find some spectacular historical photographs of Footscray by searchingat http://www.pictureaustralia.org/  and searching "Footscray"


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