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Renovations Completed

Jan 2010

A new security camera system has been installed in the club for the safety and security of the club. The camera's cover limited sections of the club including the front entrance and stairs passages of the club. These will allow the bar staff to readily observe safe passage into and out of the club.


June 2009

Renovations Completed! To see images of the renovated club Click here.

New furniture to be delivered early July for the Club Re-opening and Xmas in July function for more info Click here

News! Now the footie tipping results are on the website Click here for more

March 2009

Contractor has been chosen for Renovations !!

J nine Constructions has placed the winning quote for the Footscray Club renovations. Quotes from 3 companies were compared/

Renovation schedule and contract terms have been accepted.


News! Now there is free wireless internet access at the club! Click here for more

News! Christmas party photos are uploaded Click here to see them!


Jan 2009

- Council requires new fire door exits be installed by mid-Feb 2009

- Contractor currently quoting new doors for front and back   entrances.

Dec 2008

New Air Conditioning

- Needed for the comfort of members
- Quotes being obtained

New Electrical system

- Need to bring system into code
- Will support new air conditioning
- Required before renovations commence
- Quotes are being obtained

3) New Fire Entrances – Back and Front

- required by council regulations

Renovation Report - Click Here to Open

Annual General Meeting 2008 Presentation - Click Here to Open


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